Help your patients stay focused on treatment. Not how to pay for it.

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Governmental beneficiaries excluded. Subject to terms and conditions.

Staying Focused on Treatment

For some patients, facing the cost of cancer treatment may be difficult. Lilly PatientOne strives to offer reliable and individualized treatment support for eligible patients prescribed a Lilly Oncology product. For those who qualify, we can help in the following ways:

  • Evaluate financial assistance options, including co-pay programs and independent patient assistance foundations
  • Provide reimbursement assistance (eligibility determination, benefits investigation, prior authorization assistance, appeals information)

Here's what's new

Now Available: New Online Application

An online application for Lilly PatientOne is now available. Simply complete the form online. Printing/faxing is no longer necessary, but this option is still available, if preferred.

Field Reimbursement Managers available through Lilly PatientOne

Lilly Field Reimbursement Managers provide information and education to help you navigate the complex access and reimbursement landscape. We’re here to help make access to prescribed Lilly Oncology products easier for your patients.

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