Frequently Asked Questions

Find quick answers to your questions about Lilly PatientOne.

There are a few questions that are commonly asked about Lilly PatientOne and the access services we offer for prescribed, eligible Lilly Oncology products. We’ve provided brief answers for your convenience, as well as links to the forms you will need where applicable. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please call 1-866-4PatOne (1-866-472-8663), and a Lilly PatientOne specialist will be glad to help.

How do I contact Lilly PatientOne?

Please call us at 1-866-4PatOne (1-866-472-8663) and choose Option 1 for benefits and co-pay support, Option 2 for the Lilly Cares Foundation, or Option 3 for product information.

When is someone available to discuss my situation live?

Lilly PatientOne staff are available Monday–Friday, 9 AM –7 PM ET. Voice mails left after business hours will be returned the next business day.

My patient has no insurance that covers cancer treatment. Can you help?

Lilly PatientOne can conduct a benefits investigation to determine if there are alternate methods of coverage available to your patient. We can also refer your patient to financial resources, such as independent patient assistance programs.

My patient has insurance but can’t afford the co-pay. Can you help?

Lilly PatientOne can provide information about available co-pay card programs for eligible prescribed Lilly Oncology products as well as independent patient assistance programs. At your request, we can refer you to a specific foundation. Lilly and the Lilly PatientOne program do not provide funds to patients to assist in cost sharing. See a list of independent foundations or contact a Lilly PatientOne representative at 1-866-4PatOne (1-866-472-8663) for the latest updates.

My patient has insurance, but our claim was denied. Can you help?

Lilly PatientOne can conduct a benefits investigation and provide prior-authorization requirements for your patient's insurer. Lilly PatientOne also provides templates, forms, and checklists that may help you in filing an appeal for a denied claim. At your request, Lilly PatientOne can contact the insurance provider to determine the status of your appeal submission and notify you of the insurance provider's decisions. To request Lilly PatientOne reimbursement assistance, please fax a completed, signed Lilly PatientOne application (DOC1.1) to 1-877-366-0585.

We are a hospital with an oncology outpatient clinic. Can you help with reimbursement issues that may arise in this setting?

Lilly PatientOne can help with coverage and reimbursement issues that are encountered by (1) community-based physicians, (2) hospital-based physicians, and (3) hospital outpatient clinics. Please contact us at 1-866-4PatOne (1-866-472-8663).